Prevent Mold

Eliminate clutter, keep air circulating by pushing furniture away from grilles and vents and using fans, look for standing water and eliminate it, and add a dehumidifier. The last thing you want in your home is mold. It poses a very serious health risk and can severely damage or destroy your home.

Eliminate Drafts

Walk around the house looking for gaps and cracks with a pad and pen in hand. Check the dryer vents, outdoor faucets, attic hatches and window sills, especially where air conditioners are or have been situated. Look carefully at the building envelope which includes outer walls, doors and other openings. The gaps you’ll uncover can often be air-sealed, saving money on wasted heat and or cooling due to air escape — while also protecting the integrity of your home.

Do it yourself — or call a handyman?

If you have a half dozen or more items on your list, your best bet is to give your Honey-Do list to a competent and experienced handyman. Often, by the time you get to task # 3 or #4, you’ll run out of steam,  leaving the remaining tasks incomplete. Why not get everything done right the first time? Hand your list to a handyman and know that the entire job will be done to your satisfaction in a finite period of time.

Care for Your Tools

It’s a common saying in our trade: “Take care of your tools and they’ll take care of you.” For starters, keep your tools in a dry storage area to avoid rust. Keep them clean and well organized, not just for convenience, but because using the wrong tool for a job can damage the tool.  Be sure to wear protective goggles, and make sure that users and bystanders wear goggles as well.

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

You will fare better if your home improvements are planned and not impulsive.  To increase your home’s resale value, slow and steady wins the race. Typically, kitchen and bathroom renovations add the most value. Curb appeal is also a high priority, because as everyone knows, first impressions count!

Add Convenience and Spice to Your Kitchen

Why is this important? Because it’s better to spend less time organizing and searching — and more time enjoying. Here are a few tips to stay organized: Hanging spray bottles on a tension rod underneath your sink. Hang measuring cups and spoons on hooks or peg boards inside cupboard doors. Use CD holders to neatly store Tupperware lids. Finally, search for the kitchen of your dreams on the Internet, and let us provide you with a proposal to get it done.

Updated Bathroom = Happier Family

Bathrooms can be wonderful spaces for retreat and relaxation (think bubble bath with dim lights and scented candles.) Taking time to recharge our batteries certainly makes for more energy and inspiration to live life to its fullest. Why not start thinking about your dream bathroom now? Call us today and let’s start planning it together.